Do you think he is messing with me?

So this guy is just too much for me to handle. He is just a guy i work with in a rotaract club. He has been talking to me recently. I always try to be friendly with everyone.
So one day , when our club members went to a trip. He threw water on me ( as a joke , we were near river ) , it was more of splash. I don't like this kind of behavior. We are totally different , no common interest. He always play pranks and all. I ignored him , again he came. He was never sorry for his act. I don't want to talk to him , i even made it clear. He still try to grab my attention.
Everyone seems to like him. He is always nice to everyone. He is always mean to me. Not always , but wherever he is kind ( rarely) , i feel weird. He always joke about me. i have already told me that i don't like this but he never stops.
he will tease me more.
i am usually cool with these kind of people.
But he is getting on my nerve.
I have never done any harm to him. Why me?

sorry for long text :)


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