How long until a bee dies without food or water?

I was cleaning my car today when a bee flew in and decided to stay under the drivers seat, i sprayed it with deodorant and it went down even further. So i have locked the car and windows so it will be stuck in their, how long until it dies?


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  • depending on the chemicals in the deodorant it could be instant or it could be 1 minute but if its about dehydrating it might take a bit longer.

    • it was lynxy, i gave it about three sprays and then it crawled out of my sight, pretty sure i heard buzzing as well so it could of flew out but i didn't see it so im gonna wait it out lol.

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    • i got the fucker out! i think it was dead but i was still scared as shit lol, i managed to push it out from under the seat and hoovered the fucker lol!

    • thats deserves a cup of coffee if you like the stuff lol.

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  • If your car is hot, probably overnight.