Would you become a Draefend-Kyne?

Would you become a Draefend-Kyne?
My lord Draefend, the Winged Hound, he who's spheres are of the hunt, nature, destruction, the boundless skies and the balance between the predator and the prey, has most generously offered to grant you his blessing... or curse as others may view it.

You will acquire the speed, strength and stealth of a great beast and the senses so that no prey may escape your notice. The forces of nature around you will be at your beck and call. You will walk among the lesser fauna of the world as a king among his subjects, with dominion and authority.

But there will be a price.

Once you accept the boon, the animal buried beneath your humanity will become restless. You will become a whirlwind of the chaotic, bound until death to fight the urge to kill burning within you until you either give in and destroy all you hold dear, or prevail and become a true master of the hunt.

Will you accept the predator's gift? Will you become Draefend-kyne?

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