Is it normal not to feel anything when you kiss?

I remember being so excited for my 1st kiss - Watching kissing scenes in movies, reading fan fic's & kissing my stuffed animals pretending they're my crush, just so I could get a better idea of what it was like. When I'd imagine it, I'd feel a fast rush of excitement in my chest.

On the night of my 17th b-day I was chatting politely to my Dad's friends son when he went outside to smoke yet gestured me to come. We were both a bit drunk & I just thought he wanted to talk but b4 I knew it he was snogging me. It took me a few moments to realise what was going on when I thought "Wait a minute! We're kissing! This is my 1st kiss! How do I feel? ... Well this was overrated! It just feels weird! .. And it's getting boring. This just doesn't feel right. He's cute but I don't really know him. Maybe that's the problem. Maybe it'll feel better with someone I do really like & know well"

I wasn't quite as "Boy crazy" after that & didn't actually have v/big crushes for a while, only small ones - Until of course I got a huge crush on a friend to the point where I cldn't seem to like anyone else no matter how hard I tried. Turned out he likes me too and is now my boyfriend. I did get to know him pretty well before our 1st kiss, & before we started going out.

I'd imagine kissing him all the time bk when we were just friends & felt that little tinge of excitement in my chest. I was excited about kissing him for real but when it actually happened I thought "Is that it?" When we started snogging and he stuck his tongue in my mouth I did actually feel that bit of excitement for a moment tho was short lived. It's not that it "Doesn't feel right" this time or anything like that & I've never gotten bored of kissing him but I just don't particularly feel anything, or it's rare I do. Like I might get that excitement or think "Wow this is getting hot" if we start kissing each other rapidly & turning our heads but I'm not sure if I'm thinking/feeling that as often as I should be. Anyone else like this?


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  • I got that feeling too when i was younger and had my first kiss... you are literally right when you thought "is that it?", thats what i thought too... people made such a fuss about it and there was nothing exciting about it. so i wasn't a big fan of it.
    Until i met this one girl a year later, thats when i realized the sparks were actually real. I became a believer. Most first kisses (like most first fucks) aren't all that, it takes practice on your part and hopefully with someone who has some experience.
    Since then, I've kissed people that i didn't even like that much but because they were good at it, it was still pretty decent. so, practice practice, and if you can kiss more than one to have something to compare to.


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  • I think it's normal, but I've only ever felt a spark with two people when kissing them out of the guys I've kissed (more than two, haha). If I feel nothing when kissing you, then it means I'm not all that interested.

  • It's normal to feel this way if you have no feelings for the person you are kissing. It's happened to me before.

    • I do have feeling for him though, I like his looks & personality. He's v/important to me & I don't want anyone else