Girls, how much would you sell your worn out shoes for?

If I offered to pay you cash for your worn out shoes that you were ready to throw out anyway? If I was willing to pay $100 or more for them would you accept the offer? How much money would it take for you to sell them to me?

  • no less than $100
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  • no less than $200
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  • no less than $300
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  • Your a creep and im not selling you my shoes
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  • If I was planning to throw them away $100 is totally reasonable, it's actually way more than I'd expec lol but I'd be happy to for $100.

    • do you currently have any used shoes you'd like to sell?

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    • would you consider selling them to me? the more worn they are the more i would be willing to pay

    • Sure if you really want.. You can PM me

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  • What a strange question, why would you want them? Probably less than 100 I mean, they're worn out shoes for Pete sake lol

    • cause girls shoes smell... nice. especially when theyre old and worn out

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    • Hehe hey, sometimes the weird ones are the more fun people

    • lol yeah maybe

  • I throw away my old shoes. No need to sell them if they got holes in them or something.

    • So you would just give them to me for free?

  • No I couldn't sell anyone a pair of worn out shoes. That's cruel I think to ask money for a pair of worn out shoes. I'd just give them away or if I had money I'd just buy the person a pair of new shoes!

    • thats kind but its not about the shoes so buying a new pair for me would defeat the purpose lol. i want YOUR shoes because they have been worn by a woman and womens old shoes smell amazing to me