What is the weirdest dream you've ever had?


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  • 1. I was woke up still in my bed due to some rustling by the door, I looked over and were met with a donkey head staring back.. it quickly pulled away, tensing the situation, I waited, listened for sounds for a bit.. All of a sudden it started screaming and rushed towards me, got on top of my bed and were screaming into my face.. and I woke up.

    2. Myself and some other people I don't know, were sitting around a long table. The table were complete with the most delicious food you could imagine and we were stuffing ourselves.. The twist is.. We were all covered in fatal wounds, myself with no head, and stuffing/forcing the food into our wounds. Suddenly I was pulled out of the trance like meeting, stood up, went over to a window, and jumped.. I woke up.


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  • I always have funny and weird dreams but that one was special :D i thought i was in the movie.
    So it was 16th century.
    I was duchess of the Trialeti mountain :D and at the same time general of army.
    There was a war between Georgia and Turkey and Turkish soldiers injured my brother. I got angry and won the war. Then my brother hugged me and told me thank you :D i am still curious how it came in my mind. The whole day i was on a good mood. You know, not every day you are a duchess xD


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  • i have a reacurring dream about black dots. as if they were all talking but there was one dot that stud out. they were all clustered together. but then everyone looked up (you could just tell) and see a dot falling (i assume its a bomb or maybe a person) they all were panicing spliting to make room for the bomb. when it hits. all goes white and i wake up.
    i yet to figure out what it all means

    • Sounds like change, or difference.

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    • Dreams aren't that specific, everything turning white is more like views changing, than a "bomb wiping out everything".

    • I got the colours wrong in the first one though, sorry. Instead of finding a path, it's probably more like "opening up to the world". Something you previously didn't think of, becoming clear.

  • I was a completely different person in that dream, every other person in it were people that I didn't know in real life but that I strangely knew in the dream. Weirdest of all I had no memory of my "waking" life or anything related to it, and what I would call "yesterday" or "last week" were memory of inside the dream as if that was a second life.

  • I took my mom to see flowers, Unfortunately, I was in dreamwalking.
    So I took my mom to upstair to see..."what"?
    I guess that is the only dreamwalking in my life and had such sissy dream

    • Did you know that you where dreamwalking?

    • I did not know my mom told me what I had done.
      I seem dream of a grassland in dream

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  • It had something to do with aliens, driving through space in a huge spaceship with my friend, going through all of these different galactic environments, running from crazy creatures... Very strange.

  • I killed my mom and then it turned out it was my dog, so i cried a little bit & then ate him. that was so f**** up

    • hahahah wtf, what did you think when you woke up?

    • well at first i want to see that my mom and dog are alive. then after i calmed down i thought "wtf was that. something is wrong with me." XD