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I am so sorry to bother everyone. My roommate just told us last night that she has a gambling problem and cannot make the rent. I would not be asking this, but our landlord is pretty stiff when it comes to the rent and she has a 14 year old daughter. I do not think it is such a great idea for her to be on the street. I have made a page at go fund me. Since I cannot post a link, the title is In Danger of Losing House.

Would you please consider helping? If you cannot help, then could you at least recommend an emergency lender or anything that you think would help? Thank You Very Much.


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  • I see it as if this is a problem, she must seek help. Throwing money at her for rent will not fix the issue. It's when she learns her lesson and pick herself up off the ground knowing she got a kid that will help her.

    • I understand what you're saying, but I am worried.

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    • I understand, but what are going to do about her? But anyway, I know didn't ask me to question you. What can I do to help, provide info.

    • i don't know. i've tried looking up cash advance loans before online, but most of them turned out to be major scams. i don't suppose you know of any that are real? or any place i could contact?

  • No. This sounds like a sleazy attempt to get money...


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