Why is it nigh on impossible for many to accept that all are equal, with so many references made to terms of zero relevance, like 'leagues'?


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  • Well it's a mix of things like leagues are just made up things to keep certain people in certain I guess classes when it comes to attraction and dating, kind of like Communism were someone else dictates what you can do and what job you can have, leagues function the same way, invisible cages I guess that dictate who you can be with according to society.

    Personally I think it's stupid, anyone is capable of being with anyone else regardless of what differences you may have whether they are aesthetic or social or economic. It's just easier and harder for certain individuals that's all.


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  • if we are all equal, why have a personality?

    • what has a personality got to do with equality?

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    • but it means little when judged as an equal

    • sometimes we recquire a person with a certain skill, we then judge people on this skill.