What's up with all the gender bashing on this site?

I haven't been on here in a few years and now I start to see a lot of aggression towards women because of bad dating experiences. I'm sure that I will see something like that towards men at some point... People are not all the same because of some bad life experience (s) you have had. Get over yourselves.


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  • It's something you'll have to deal with online. In the past couple days I've seen lots of women bashing on men. I honestly don't care, these women tend to be bitter losers that can't get any dick, so they talk bad about men cause of their failure.
    Same with the guys bashing on women. They can't get any girl, so they resort to verbal aggression to feel better about themselves.

    Just ignore them, don't let them give you a bad image of men, don't get infected with the PGS.


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  • yeah it tends to turn into a boys vs girls battle on here, and it's so stupid, to be quite frank.


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