Would these things now be seen wrong at school?

Some things I would do to a couple guys at school:
- As a 14 year-old freshman in HS, I would sometimes take out my scrunchie, stretched a bit and lay some of my long hair on this guy's desk. At times it was while he was trying to concentrate or writting notes to someone else. Other time it was me and my friend blowing his hair with our mouths as he was in his locker and not looking at the moment.

Junior HS years:
- Cover a guy's chair with orange paint and let him sit that.
- Dropped a guy's cake (along with him as well as he was holding it) by making it look like I accidentally stick my foot.
- Put a fart maker on the guy's chair (the same one I put the paint) and many laughing in the class.
- My friend and I groping some guy at a locker... then just walk away giggling.

In a way, I used to like teasing the boys at school... though not in a bad way when you insult someone but the playful type.


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  • Yes. Seems wrong