Should there be a political party like this?

1. Support same-sex marriage
2. Support women rights
3. Spend more on fixing the school system, the healthcare system, and the infrastructure and less on the military
4. A strong capitalism system
5. Everyone should have a gun if proven they know to use a gun in a safe manner
6. A smaller government
7. Increase some taxes like the sale tax, but lower others like the income tax
8. Separate politics from the church
9. No cuts, but help people to get off social security, food stamps, and medicare
10. Send less people to jails and prisons
11. No War on Drugs
12. Remove standardized tests like the SAT and the ACT
13. Use more renewable resources and less fossil fuels


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  • Yes, it sounds more balance between the Republicans and the Democrats


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  • With the exception of items #3 and #7, sounds like a pretty standard version of Libertarianism, or a lack of government intervention in BOTH economics and social issues.


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  • There should be no parties just independent parties and voting booths shouldn't be so far away they should make voting booths as common as mcdonalds.

  • I love all of these EXCEPT for number 6. GOvernment should stay large or become larger

  • How about no parties? Why did the government have to become a constant war between two complete opposite ends of the spectrum, filled with radical extremists on both sides?

    Why can't everyone just have their own god damn individual beliefs without the urge to place a label on themselves?