Name of some movies?

I want name of some cool movies under generes comedy/romance/fantasy/horror.
Could you name some.


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  • 6 years- a teen couple with problems. 8/10
    Barely lethal- a teen girl who is also an assassin and just wants a normal life 9/10
    Premature- a teen guy who starts his day over every time he cums. 8/10
    After the dark- a philosophy class that goes into different scenarios of the world ending. Really good 9.5/10
    Heathers- a girl Veronica who hates her friends and dates a serial killer. a lot of murder covered up to look like suicide. 9/10
    Family Weekend- a girl who drugs her parents and holds them hostage bc they didn't go to her jump rope competition 8/10
    Standing Up- its a drama about these 2 kids who are "goats" and they are put on this island only to be embarrassed the next day so they run away. Its really good. 10/10
    Maze Runner and Maze runner 2- its like a dystopian world where these group of boys are put in this maze-like world and they try every day to escape when the doors open. One day the only girl ever shows up and everything changes. The doors stop closing letting all the monsters and outside creatures have access to inside the maze. 10/10
    Divergent- this girl who is divergent, which means she can't be controlled and must find a way to fit in or at least fight her way to the end bc everyone's trying to kill her 10/10 there's 2 other sequels to this.
    CaptainAmerica Civil war- everyone knows this. Great movie
    21 and over- a group of friends that try to get a friend to losen up through parties on his 18th birthday. 8/10
    Any Miles Teller movie is an Amazing movie. Seriously. That Awkward moment, the divergent series, 2 night stand, footloose, whiplash, etc. All 10/10 movies. Highly recommend


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  • Comedy: Shaun of the Dead, The Mask

    Romance: Secret admirer, Grease

    Fantasy: Lord of the Rings, Neverending story

    Horror: REC, Unfriended, Silent Hill, The Mist, The Shining


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  • Project Almanac is about time travel. It was pretty cool.

  • 50 first dates
    The Notebook


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