Is it weird I don't like smart people?

I'm a simple girl.

I want a simple life.

I am 'smart' in real life, but I don't want to sit around with a bunch of people and act perfect, which unfortunately I almost always am around smart people who judge you most of the time.

Sometimes I just want to be the dumb version of myself. Like I want to say stupid things, and act childish, and not be around 'rich' people.

I feel suffocated with those kinds.

Is that weird? I just want someone to love me unconditionally as neither of my parents did.


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  • Because smart people sit around a table together wearing blazers and eating crumpets discussing evolutionary theory and thermodynamics all day.. Because all rich people are incapable of love and will only leave you when they find out you make less $300,000 a year. You sound like you are pretty low on the social totem poll and refuse to up your own status. So instead you choose to be stagnant in your own little bubble where people can't intimidate you anymore.

    • Actually you are partially correct that I am pretty low on the social totem pole (not poll lol), and I refuse to up my own status.

      But it's not like I've never been given opportunities to do that. I have, and I just can't fit in with those people. I feel like a misfit.

      If anything I get annoyed at those people rather than intimidated. They're so... boring.

      My field is business so I assure you they are not sitting around talking about evolutionary theory and thermodynamics. It's more about how much money some finance job will pay them.

      Business people truly are so boring. They have no passion. They care about money and that's all.

      Lol I remember talking to this guy across from me and he was going on and on about himself and I could tell he was offended that I looked bored to be sitting with him.

      So what did he do? He tried to indirectly bully me and make me feel bad about not eating my food.

      This, my friend, is the mental prowess of business people.

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  • Just because someone is smart doesn't make them rich or stuck up. You're saying you're smart but this whole thing lacks intelligence. You judging people based on their iq. You're just as bad as those pompous asses if anything

    • Oh I remember you. You're the dumb girl who thinks she's smart. I'm not going to bother replying to this post.

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    • Whatever

    • This. I approve.

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  • Eh, smart people wouldn't judge you.. that's not very.. smart, of them, pitiful actually. But I understand what you're saying, and I totally agree with the "snob"life. I wouldn't want that either.

    • Yes this is what I meant the 'snob' life.

      I'm a simple girl who just wants to be funny and cute and give and receive a lot of love. That's all.

    • I thought so, I've always been good at reading between the lines, as to what's really said/meant. I'd rather not be stuck with people like that either, I enjoy a free life.. Actually, some of the family on my fathers side were like that.. "everything has to be in perfect order". I.. hated it.

  • My answer to that type of question is always "whatever floats your boat". Just do whatever you want, like whoever you want, because no matter what you do there's always someone out there thats going to find it weird lol

  • Whoa, the "love" thing came outta nowhere, I thought you were just talking about why you found smart people annoying.

    On what condition did your parents love you, out of interest?

    • That I was 'smart' (see the irony)

    • 😆 yeah, charging interest 😂

    • Ahh, I see. That's pretty messed up.

      Well, to answer your question, there's really nothing wrong with pursuing a simple or as a friend of mine often puts it, "classical" lifestyle. I know a guy whose 22 who didn't go to University he went right into a trade (I can't remember exactly what he does, something to do with engineering) and now owns a house and a pretty decent car. There's something admirable to me about living that way, nowadays, cause it's like how you'd imagine a person to live in the 1930's or something, almost no one attempts living that way, anymore. Pretty much the only thing he's missing currently (I mean he might have one now, I don't know) is a loving girlfriend/wife.

  • Smart people can be the worst. I don't think it's weird.


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  • You sound like Rose from Titanic.

    • She didn't like smart people too? I need to watch that movie lol I haven't seen it since I was a child.

    • She wanted to live a more simple life and not be all proper and act like she knew everything going on in the world and pretend to be all stuck up and what not.

  • You don't sound smart LOL
    It sounds like you think you're smart but the way you think shows through in the question and it's just very shallow

    • Well.

      Considering you've given me no proof of how it is 'shallow' as you claim, I don't really take you seriously. At all.

      However I will say this, I like smart people from certain fields more than others.

      For example, I really admire engineers and am naturally attracted to them. I think it's because they're not really pretentious.

      My field is FULL of pretentious people I hate it.

      They are really boring to me and I sometimes wish I could just... not talk to them.

      I'm pretty sure they realize I feel this way and hate me for it

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    • Uh I'm 18. For some reason when I read certain questions here I imagine the person writing it is younger than me then I look at their age and wonder how adults can be so dim lmao

    • Yah you don't have to believe me. I already know what I do pretty well so it really doesn't make a diff to me if a stranger in the internet believes me or not. And I can stay the same thing about your age here LOL your question sounds like something a 15 year old would write.

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