When guys take creepy too far?

Okay so I was riding the train and this guy was full on staring at me. Not even just subtly but full on glare like a pedophile stare and smiling and apparently looking at my legs. Im 18 and he looked at least 30 and the age didn't make me uncomfortable but it was just him. If a guy I had a crush on or I found attractive stared at me like that I would be over the moon, but its something about the guy. Should of I told him off?


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  • Well, it's hard to know how to react in that situation. Obviously, you can't change the world yourself. As a 31 year old, of course, I find a variety of aged women attractive. My eyes my roam, not in least part cause I'm a curious chappie taking in my environment. The point is, if something takes my fancy, I'm always scanning for receptivity (which often is not there), if it's not, I don't look again, if it is, we just exchange subtle glances. I think this guy is just a lustful emotionally immature perve. Alas, there's lots of them. Maybe a disapproving glare may have helped, rather than flat our embarrassing him. I'm sure in a time he will be embarrassed himself. Sometimes we sort of instruct ourselves and change our behaviour. Others just keep on making the same mistake and seemingly need perpetual 'external reinforcement' (people telling them off). Just look after yourself, most importantly. You don't know how people will react.

    • Such useful advise thanks heaps. You are completely right, and I understand that as a human, we enjoy taking in the looks of other people we find attractive but sometimes its not the right place, nor situation. I'm human too and I often check out guys but not to the point of making them uncomfortable. Thanks for understanding and for your helpful advise :)

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    • Of course I am appreciative to people who take the time and try to help and not jump to conclusions :)

    • Yeah, I saw that.

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  • Nah, you did fine. If I were you I'd just move somewhere else where he couldn't see me so I don't feel weird about the whole thing.


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  • He was ugly? So you think he's creepy? Fuck you.

    • No, I was a) minding my own buisness b) clearly a school girl wearing a uniform c) didn't know him at all d) riding the train and it was dark, so dont jump to conclusions by cursing at people

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    • No tbh he was good looking but his smile of which made me uncomfortable put me off

    • What a load of shit. Im done with this argument.

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  • you should have flipped your middle finger at him lol

    • hahahah i know but i was scared he might pull a knife or something tbh, thanks for understanding !

    • or you could have taken his pic with the flash on. he'd be scared you might file a criminal charge against him so he'd run lol

    • bahah true but what if he got mad and bashed me ;o