Have you had any paranormal experiences?

I remember when I was about 12, I saw what I believe to be a ghost of my Nonna, who passed away well before I was born. She was translucent and grainy, kind of looked like she was a hologram but not quite.

She appeared at night in the living room when I was with my family (although I was the only one that saw her) and was smiling at us all. The whole experience felt really positive and happy.

However this day, I'm still not sure what happened or if it can be explained. In that sense I feel like I'm a bit of a Velma (Scooby Doo anyone?) and tend to stick to the more logical explanations, but something about my experience seemed spiritual and genuine.

How about you? Have you had any experiences similar to mine? Are you a believer or non-believer in this sort of thing?


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  • Even though it's night here and reminiscing those things freak me out, I'd like to say that I have had experiences.

    One time I was in my room. I was crying alone because I was depressed then suddenly, I heard random clacking of heels. They're really audible and I was alone so I was scared. No one wore heels in our household with those sounds. I was momentarily motionless. When the clacking sounds dissipated, I was back in mobility.

    Once, my classmate shot a video in a random place at our school and she heard audible voices even without people in it! They were really creepy voices and you could mistake them as if they used a high quality microphone because they were so damn audible.

    Lastly, one of my friends think there's something paranormal about this picture.

    • Interesting, kinda glad I didn't have any bad experiences like you.
      Also I DO NOT like that picture. Something about it unnerves me, I don't want to look to close, or ever see it again. I had to scroll down when I was writing this so I couldn't see it lol

    • I'm sorry for sharing it to you 😞
      It's just that the room is going to be our classroom when we go back to school. After seeing that picture (my friend took it), I just don't want to go to school anymore.

    • All good ahah you had no idea that I was going to have that reaction.
      Ahhh that really sucks!! I wouldn't want to go to school either tbh :( Well, I just don't want to go to school period.
      Follow each other?

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  • Perhaps yes, perhaps not. I could've been tired, who knows. Also, I don't believe in "paranormal" or "supernatural" because if it exists, it's just "normal". What I experienced were glowing, floating orbs of light circling a mirror of mine, quickly vanishing/fading when I looked at them. Oh, and I can feel the energy of life around me, if that counts.

  • Yes,
    I have had encounters with ghosts

    • Can you elaborate?

    • Here is one of them and sorry for the amount of backstory but its all necessary
      So, I was doing and still do a mix of online and on campus college class.
      I was on campus Tuesday Thursday and off Monday wedsday Friday.
      I was really depressed and I made a deal with myself, If I got all my online classwork done on Monday and all hw Tuesday, I could lay around on the couch and watch burn notice on netflix all day.
      Now I got up at seven thirty when my dad left for work. He leaves the radio on every time and whats worse is that is I HATE the radio show that he leaves on.
      Its tough to describe the level of assholery of these hosts, so I will just say that they are giant incorrigable douchebags and assholes.
      Now after I settle on the couch I get about fifteen minutes and I can hear them over my burn notice. Now I'm ANGRY, (Seriously these guys are the biggest assholes and douchebags on local radio and I LIVE IN THE BOSTON AREA. So Assholes are incredibly common.)

    • I get up and walk to the other room and literally rip the radios cord out of the outlet.
      About noon I realize that I should probably do more than eat and watch burn notice. So I go to shower.
      Now mom side of the family is Sicilian American and therefore also very catholic.
      My grandfather died when my mom was twelve and It was probably him trying to comfort me as I was depressed and angry at the world.
      But I've had a couple of others but thats all I will describe today.
      So Yeah, I believe in ghosts, I've had encounters with them before and I know it won't be the last time either

  • I don't believe in any paranormal. I never met a person who experienced it.


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