When people make assumptions does it make you sick?

it makes me sick. it is not bound to gag only. when i ask a question i would like to get an answer, not things like 'i assume you are X therefore you must be Y'. i assume you are A therefore you must be B. why can't people just answer the damn question? why must they assume things so out of context that you must spend 15 minutes explaining to them it is not what you are talking about?

for example, i see this question about a guy that asks: why is it so common that women are lesbians?
then i see answers like' i assume you are a butthurt guy, blablabla' sure, great, awesome you totally answered the question. no you did not, you are a waste of serves space and bandwidth.

a good answer would be: OP i think you are biased into believing that lesbians are so common, because (insert reason here) but hey, thats just what i think.

what i dont understand is why people need to assume things they can't know because it was never specified or implied. this is just bias. in my opinion the girl who assumed the OP was being butthurt assumed he was so, because she was biased towards believing he was. OP asks why is it common that women are lesbians = OP is a butthurt manchild. bias much yeah? obviously OP was also biased towards thinking that women are commonly lesbians. now bias cannot help bias.

this was just an example, but does it make you sick too? i know it does to me.


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  • Lol that butthurt comment was mine and I don't give a fuck!

    lol you should look up the definition of biased before you use it

    • Fyi you talk about assumptions but you just made a whole lot of assumptions about me.

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    • lets skip the arguing and go ahead and block me like all the others.

    • Lol I agree let's stop the arguing.

      Fyi I haven't blocked a single person on here cause I ain't that weak. I got my back so I don't need to worry.

  • Not really, no.


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