Should I go to New York?

Should I go or not? I am not close to family, so like rarely I have gone out for vacations with them and even if I have I just try to stay away and so anyways so I might be going to New York, my mother isn't coming, so only my dad and younger brother who I can't stand the most of all. Anyways they might be there for the first 15-20 days and then for the other 10 days or something I will staying alone. But I don't want to travel with them, it's awkward and all and I can't even tell them clearly I don't want to hang around with them that much, cause it's anyway their money and all. The problem is the money that it's their money and not mine and up of that I do want to go cause I had travelled six years back out of my country, even the other small trips I have had in my country were horrible.


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  • If you can stand them for the trip there, then go. You be out and about doing your own thing while you're there.