Why are some Americans so disrespectful in other countries?

It makes me sick.

How hard is it to realize that you're in a different country, and you should respect and play by their rules. Would you be disrespectful in someone else's house? Their house, their rules. Same goes for visiting a different country.

For example, when I go to Asia, I try immerse myself into the culture. I try to speak the language, I respect the way of life and the mannerisms of other people, and don't go around waving my American card.

However, I see a good number of Americans in other countries that behave terribly. I visited Taiwan and Japan and saw many Americans (especially whites) mocking the culture, climbing on top of statues that they shouldn't, saying "ching chong", and saying disgusting things/groping/creeping on the women. Think Julien Blanc, the pickup artist guy who's been banned from some countries.

What the fuck? Would you want people doing the same thing to you in the USA?

Just FYI I am also American.


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  • That's one reason I don't mind when I'm abroad that people don't assume I'm American until they hear my accent. There's a good amount of anti-American sentiment abroad, even if you are respectful. People make assumptions.

    I don't know why anyone behaves badly in other countries, though. It's probably down to ignorance, a lack of self-awareness, possibly racism, and arrogance/some superiority complex.

    To be fair, there are a lot of Americans who are respectful of other countries' cultures and customs, and it's not only some Americans who are disrespectful. Julien Blanc is an extreme example I think, and if I remember right he grew up in Switzerland.


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  • Nationalism and jealousy.


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  • I am from Greece and I meet with tourists all the time, I have met many Americans both good and bad. Every summer we see many of them getting drunk and passing away in every place, or getting naked in front of news cameras dancing and cursing, and doing so much more...
    But there are also bad British, bad Germans, bad Russians etc... so you don't have to worry about Americans being desrespectful, it's not only you and it is not because of the country you come from but because of the person you are and the principles you have grown up with...

  • You're right. It's rude, disrespectful and incredibly ignorant of some people. Those people need to think more like its walking into a strangers house.

  • those guys were idiots!! i worked at a souvenir shop in a tourist attraction in California and I can promise you that every country has those kind of idiots that visit America too! Except New Zealand everyone I met from there was flippin awesome and wanted directions to see a WAL-Mart lol

    • Lol with the NZ tourists. I met a few when I was in Europe. I think they are the embodiment of the word "chill".

      Maybe I should have reworded the question as to why are some tourists so rude. It's just that I've seen way more Americans acting this way. Being American myself, maybe I'm just more aware of rude American behavior when I'm abroad.

  • when they come here we are very hospitable to them and we speak to them in English to make their lives easier
    but try speaking some other language in america and see what happens...

    generally speaking, the stuff they say about other cultures being this or that is just stuff they do when they visit other places
    some of course not all
    and some also have this entitled mentality like they are above everyone else... add to that some bad parenting (especially whites lol)
    so yea
    and keep in mind bad mannered people come from all different nationalities too... but you're American so maybe thats why you only notice other americans

    having said that, many many of them are respectful like you and they are respectful to traditions and cultures
    and tbh i think its mostly teens or young people who act like that and usually grow out of it over time

    well anyways, thank you for being respectful towards others... very much appreciated

    • My uncle (who doesn't speak English very well) was laughed at, mocked, and assaulted by some white college guys simply for asking directions when he came to visit us the first time. They threw stuff at him. It was heartbreaking when we picked him up and I could see the fear in his eyes. Some warm welcome there.

      When traveling, the first thing I was told was to dive into their culture. Learn the language. Try the food. Respect their mannerisms and way of life. Behave appropriately.

      I'm grateful for many of my friends who have been taught this lesson and act upon it well. There are many friendly Americans who are welcoming to other cultures (after all, America is a melting pot) and understand humility when going abroad.

      Sadly, as for the people misbehaving, about half of the people who were being racist assholes were middle-aged white men. You'd think they know better. It's so juvenile.

    • oh man... :( :( :( im so sorry
      like at least respect his age :\ ... and who says the entire planet only speaks english? why mock him in the first place?
      im so sorry... i hope he is better now

      that would be the wise thing to do lol... if you ddont want or like other cultures then just stay home... dont visit to mock them
      and besides youd miss out a lot if you go somewhere and dont really immerse yourself in the place and try new weird looking food haha

      middle aged too? wow lol

      oh well

  • White people are usually racist to some level and don’t even realize it or think there’s nothing wrong with mocking other ethnic groups. They often have entitlement issues so they think that stuff is okay. Not all of them, but enough to where your story doesn’t surprise me. I know a ton of Americans who would never be so disrespectful in foreign countries.


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  • It's because in America you're allowed to do such things, except for the groping part. Here in America you're allowed to be racist and you don't have to respect other people's culture, you just have to deal with it

    • really? it's okay to be racist?

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    • @Curiousness23 actually laws are influenced by morals. Without morals we would have no laws

    • i think t goes both ways ;)

  • Why do other countries think it's okay to talk shit on all americans? I hate you condescending foreigners.

    • he is American...

    • @Red7336 I didn't check but there is an over abundance of Turkish people that talk down on Americans on this website

    • Nope, I'm American. I'm just calling out some of my fellow Americans on their asshole-ish behavior abroad.

      Sure, be proud of the US. Nothing wrong with that. Just don't go rubbing it in other nations' faces that you're better and that they are inferior. I'm sure when you hear foreign tourists to the States calling Americans fat and stupid, that doesn't make you feel too great either. Now imagine if they mock your language and culture, treat your service workers like absolute shit, treat the local men like they are animals, treat the women like hookers, and demand perfection simply because they are from X country. That's how many Americans act in Asia. And I don't see why they are not punished for it.

      Really any tourist (American or not) who does this in any country, and gets the shit kicked out of them deserves it completely.

  • yeah lol, these American tourists in the middle east just like fucked the place up after having a wild party.

  • because armericans are pretty dim.

  • Americans have nothing on British and Chinese tourists for being bad.

    • British? Never thought they'd have that reputation.

      Yes, Chinese tourists can be pretty awful. There's articles online discussing how loud and rude they can be. I lived in San Francisco for a bit and saw it every day.

      But really, they just stick to their group and don't intentionally annoy or harass local Americans. I've never seen the men try and snatch women off the streets, tell racist jokes and mock Americans to their faces.

    • Brits have the worst reputation, all across Europe. The Russians seem to be trying to give them a run for their money but haven't succeeded (yet).


      When I went to Mallorca, I deliberately avoided Palma and Magaluf (known as 'Shagaluf' by the UK visitors) and went to a different resort town where the guests more likely to be German.

      I haven't encountered that many bad American tourists, so I guess I'll count myself lucky.

  • If I go somewhere on vacation then I'll be as respectful as I can without becoming some fake asshole.

    I am not fake and I'm proud of who I am and where i come from.