Would you chase after a robber?

Lets say someone busted in your home while you were by the door.
you both made eye contact and he ran out the house
would you chase after

You may think no already but here's why thats a bad thing.

1. he may come back, you never know when, and he probably ran because he wasn't armed,
if he does come back, just know for a fact he will be armed.

2. If he wasn't armed there's a chance you could take him down,
or just run after him to show that you will fight back and next time he may choose an easier target,
but if you run the other way or get scared they'll see you as vulnerable, and weak, and probably rob you blind... in your face.

But then the pros of saying no

If he is armed and see you as a threat, he won't hesitate to hurt you..

You dont know who he's with
they could harm you, and if you go chasing after him.. you're leaving a
"COME ON IN" sign right on your door

So would you chase him?

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Most Helpful Girl

  • Nope, I wouldn't put myself in danger.
    A guy tried to break into my apartment during the day. I scared him off by beating on the door he was trying to kick in.
    Instead of chasing him, I grabbed my camera and took pictures through the window of him & the car he was driving. I gave that info to cops.

    • Its scary that this stuff actually happens

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    • I would move.. period lol

    • I thought that too, but with anywhere, especially living in apartments, you're always in danger of being robbed. Crappy people are everywhere. It happened about 3yrs ago & I haven't had any other problems

Most Helpful Guy

  • If he's coming back he's free to do so, I'll be waiting to make an ambush attack

    • you know he won't be coming back without a weapon or a plan?
      and you won't suspect it you could be in the shower

    • He can expect the same from me

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What Girls Said 4

  • I would just grab my gun.

  • no... I'd just call the police...

    • What happens when the police don't get there quick enough?

    • @Courtney90 then I let them do their job and figure it out anyway. If they came unarmed they likely aren't good at experienced in robbing people and left evidence

  • I would

  • I wouldn't like to put myself in danger especially that i am physically weak , so what i ran after him and what's next? I won't be able to stop him anyway so just call the cops for sure


What Guys Said 3

  • LOL... No... I wouldn't. I'd ask him to come back and take more stuff.

    I have excellent insurance.

  • Not only would I chase him OP, I would demand he tell me how he plans to use my belongings. Is he going to resell them, take them a third party, use them?

    If he sells them I would wonder how he files his taxes, do profits from stolen goods count as income or is there a separate checklist on his IRS forms.

  • yes i would chase after them,