When was the most alone you've felt in your life? What was the reason? How old were you?

I'm 21 and currently I feel as if this is the loneliest I've ever felt. Nothing in my life has security and everything feels like a lie. I'm a huge introvert and kinda a loner by nature (I only have one close true friend) and other people I know only through social media.. And 90% of them are just dudes who want to either bang me or date me. I've always been close with my parents but recently I found out my dad had been cheating on my mom and I'm the only one who knows. He was my best friend, never lied to me, etc.. And then he just lied to my face when I had all the evidence there. Lied to me like it was nothing. It's hard for me to be at home with my parents when my mom has no idea.
Then the guy I am seeing is super flaky... I'm chasing after someone or trying to be that special someone for a guy who is still in love with is ex. I feel so alone. My best friend recently got into a car accident so I need to be there for her. Honestly, I feel directionless and helpless and like I have nobody out there for me but me.


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  • Trapped 3000 miles from any family or friends and just got left by my wife. The first night I came home to an empty apartment, no one to call, I just stood by the door, listening to the silence. I was 26

    • Damn I'm sorry. How are things now?

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    • Just moved into a new place about a month before so leaving would've cost too much. Now I'm back where I started but with a much better job, still lonely but not quite as alone as was then

    • Ah well at least you have a better job, it's somethin. I hope you find some company or enjoyment in solitude, or happiness in some way (:

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  • Daily. No exceptions.


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