Sweet 16 ideas anybody? ^o^ ?

My sweet 16 is coming up in September, and I am looking for any totally awesome and sweet ideas. If you have any ideas of party's, places to go, or things to do, please comment :D
To give you an idea of the kind pf person I am, here is my Xbox live bio :P

Bio: I am a female. I am not human. I will shoot you. Ice cream is life. I like one human person. The cake is a lie. Steve's are my minions. My friend taught me how to hit cows on Minecraft. Gamers don't die they respawn. Best perk is Juggernog. Favorite fortune "If your still hungry eat another fortune cookie". Year of the dragon. You won't like me when I'm angry. I am awesome with plasma grenades. Caramel frappe all the way. Wow fantastic baby. Shmeh Shmeh Shmeh..

If that helped any XD

I think I might just let my family plan it..


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  • It sounds like you could invite all your friends and have them bring their gaming consoles and y'all can play video games and eat junk food and snacks all night. Maybe in a basement or garage?

    • Sounds fun but sadly my all my girl friends aren't gamers like me. Which is why I guess I get along so well with my brothers friends and other guys.