Is a B+ average good for your last year?

My 2nd and last year have a B+ average.

1st and 2nd year not too great.


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  • No...

    • Why do you say that? My program wasn't really supposed to be an 'easy' program.

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    • Thank you.

      Hmm do you think the difference between a B+ student and an A student is mostly based off of effort put in by the two students?

      Sometimes I feel... the reason it averages out to a B+ despite some pretty strong As in some of my courses is because I don't put enough effort into some of them

  • If you study physics, maths, engineering (like me woho), economics or any other challenging degree then i'd say its very impressive

    • Welllll

      No I'd be lying if I compared it to any of the STEM fields.

      I'm in a BBA program which is supposed to be pretty good. I don't really think our program is 'hard' as in complex, but they adjust it so that it's not really possible for people to do too well.

      For example, in one of my classes, the examination was pretty hard and the professor said that she couldn't have it so that all students walk out of the class with good grades because she would get in trouble if she did that.

      It's true about most Universities but it's particularly true about my program

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  • It's not bad.

    • I would have probably done way better in my last year of school AND 3rd year (which is my worst) but I took a break after 2nd year which caused a lot of issues.

      Had to work really really hard to get back to the academic atmosphere of school

    • Ah, yeah, breaks can help or harm you. Overall, it's fine, though. I wouldn't worry about it.