How can I put this into the right words without him getting offended?

Lately, I've been getting the feeling that my crush isn't interested in texting me anymore. I know we all get busy, I get that. I work and go to school full time. He does too but our conversations have been slowing down. We only talk for maybe 2 hours total a day if I'm lucky. It use to be an all day type thing. My question is: how can I tell him that he doesn't have to text me if he doesn't want to? or feel obligated to message me?
I'm really blunt and would like to say it that way but I don't want to offend him.. any tips?


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  • For one thing texting sucks, it takes too much time and you can say and cover off so much more! In addition, the person can actually sense your interest and feelings when they talk over the phone... emoticons don't cut it!

    If you want a budding relationship to work out then can the texting and actually talk to the person.


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  • The are two ways that you could say this.

    1. "I noticed that we now talk for maybe two hours max, instead of a whole day. Why is that?"
    2. "When you started texting me less, I felt sad. I felt sad because I miss when we used to talk more. Can you text me more when you get the chance?"

    Number 1 is the blunt way, and most likely requires you to state #2 after asking, because he might ask why you are asking.
    Number 2 is more of the safer way. But remember that there is a way to be blunt without being offensive. If you can't figure out a way to soften your words at the moment, either take a break from texting and then text him later, or tell him that you don't mean to be offensive.

    I hope I helped. :)


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  • I'd take a different approach. How about you actually meet in person? I mean if you guys keep texting without meeting up you're bound to have a falling out of some sort. Texting is supposed to be used to meet up so you can talk in person.
    Not trying to diss you or anything just giving advice based on my own experience. I find that if I text too much without actually meeting the person, we'll get bored lol.

    • That's very true and I would like that but he lives 5 hours away and I don't have a break between work and school so. :/

    • Well still, what can possibly come out of this if you don't meet up? Just keep talking to him and setup a time and place when you're both free. Even 30 minutes of each other's undivided attention will be soo much better than texting each other for a whole day, believe me! Also: 2 hours of texting is still a lot girl, you're doing good. It'll work out in the end!
      Good Luck!

    • Well... I talked to him today and mentioned this and he says he likes talking to me so that's why he messages me every day :)

  • Two hours a day to talk to your bf/gf/crush is a lot of time, considering everything else people have to attend to.

  • you could ask him if he honestly likes how things are between you two right now

    • Hmmm true! Do you think he'll be weirded out?

    • no, he should see how complicated your situation is right now

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  • Just do it, least you'll finally know. Go from there