When a family member/friend/acquaintance invites you to something that you don't actually want to do, do you say "no" or give them an excuse?

I've noticed thing thing with certain friends lately where instead of telling me they're not into a particular thing they give me these overly elaborate reason why they can't go. it's pretty obvious it's not a legit reason because when it's something that I already know they like doing and they can't go they simply say I can't make it, I have to work, I already have plans, etc. it's almost comical the be people come up with instead of just saying I'm not into doing ____________. I really just don't get it. if I don't want to do something I just honestly tell people that, then they can avoid ever inviting me to that particular thing again.

what do you do? and if you make up excuses instead of just saying no, why are you so against saying no?

  • I say no.
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  • I make up an excuse.
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  • no one ever invites me out. :'(
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  • I try to say, I'm not interested in that, or cannot do it for a given reason. But I appreciate the offer and I would like to see you again, so please do invite me to other events as they come up. As long as there is some positive to counter balance the denial, it seems to work out. So I don't make excuses I just say what I think.

    • I'm the same. it used to be that way with everyone, but nowadays it seem most people prefer to make up an excuse instead.

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  • Hmm, the closer the friend/family member the more inclined i am to give them a straight no. I guess it's just a manners thing, I don't want to appear rude to people.

    • why not give everyone a straight no?

    • A straight no seems too... blunt, to people who i'm not close with and don't know me well. I decline politely to acquaintances because i don't want to risk alienating them.

  • As much as I love to , that sounds boring as hell, so not interested.

    • lol. I got confused for a moment.

      I wouldn't say it quite like that, but I get your point. ;)

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  • I just say I'm babysitting or something

    • why don't you just tell them you don't want to do whatever it was they suggested?

    • Because so many times they'll try to convince me to come and keep begging or giving different reasons why I'll "have so much fun" there. I can't be bothered sometimes so I just lie.

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