What’s the point of eating at a restaurant or buying coffee from a café?

I don’t get those people, who do those two things. I consider it stupid and a waste of money.

First of all the SAME food costs way less when you make it at home. Why pay? And secondly, are they so useless that they cannot even cook some spaghetti?

And OK about restaurants…let’s say they cannot cook many foods and they want some variety. Not a good thing for their pocket though.

But buying coffee from a café? That’s way more stupid and I don’t understand people who do it. The coffee you buy from a café costs like 20-25 times MORE than the same coffee you make at home. If you are so dumb that you are unable to make some coffee on your own... I feel sorry for you.


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  • Some meals require ingredients that you may not use enough to buy for home.

    Some foods make your house stink or are tedious/time consuming to prep.

    Sometimes people are hungry, but not near their home.

    • Well personally, I would buy some croissant from a kiosk if I wasn't near at home, instead of sit, eat and PAY.

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  • I can cook and often do, but some times I don't want to bother to do all the prep work, the cooking, and than the dishes afterwards. Eating out can be a lot less work.
    And, actually, for me buying a cup of coffee is cheaper. I spend $3 a week on coffee (that's one cup plus a tip) compare that to

    • Sorry, not sure how or why it suddenly posted.
      But anyways, compare that to 11 or 12 bucks on a bag coffee, most of which is going to go into the garbage because I'm only drinking one cup out of every brew. Then add in the cost of sugar and creamer (which is expires quickly, so I'm probably buying a thing of half and half every week, so that's $2 a week right there). And all that's without even considering the cost of the coffee machine and coffee mug.

    • Oh, and I forgot filters.

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  • I don't get why people troll, but there you go.

    Do you know the chef's recipe to duplicate the dish? And have time to source the ingredients? And know how to prepare it all perfectly so it's all ready at the same time and present it? I don't have room in my kitchen for all the equipment from a commercial kitchen. Plus then, when I'm done, I get to clean up the mess!

    BUT do you know how to make a macchiato or another fancy latte? With freshly ground beans and flavours? And then, are you going to pour it into a trucker's mug and carry it on the subway to work with you? Have you ever owned an espresso machine, and seen how much work and maintenance it is? THAT is why, because they can make really good stuff and it's right there, not something you have to plan ahead for and then lug around with you.

  • Unless your time is completely worthless cooking a moderately elaborate dish at home and cleaning up after for a small number of people is not cost effective.