Do guys not realize it when they do something that can make a girl feel uncomfortable?

Few days back, I was standing at a bus stop that was by a road. When the signal turned red and all cars stopped, a man rolled down his car window and yelled out "hey" three times. I completely ignored him as I had a feeling that he was calling me. There were many others at the bus stop too. Then he started honking and shouting loudly "hey miss!" and also started to whistle to get my attention. At this point every one at the bus stop and people in cars were looking at me. As I was extremely embarrassed, I finally looked but only to find him grinning and waving at me. Fortunately, the signal turned green and he had to drive away. All in all, my point is why would a guy do that? What was he trying to do?


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What Guys Said 2

  • The guy was a dick. Unfortunately you will bump into them from time to time.

    The good news is that as you get more confident in life, idiots like that bother you less and less, until you eventually barely notice their existence.

  • Just a weirdo. Don't let it affect your day.

    • Also, the fact that he was trying to get your attention may indicate that he may have been trying to come off as cool, because he was driving his car.

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  • 1. Some guys are idiots. They actually think that doing things like that and catcalling are good ways of flirting or whatever.
    2. Some guys purposely do things like that to make women uncomfortable. Like that guy, he knew he was going to drive away in a few seconds, if he really was so in love with you that he wanted to go on a date with you he would have pulled over and had a normal conversation with you. Just as I said some guys are actually idiots that think catcalling is a way of flirting, there are also guys that know that catcalling isn't going to get them the girl, they do it to assert dominance over the girl. They do it because there are no consequences and they see no issue with verbally harassing women.

    Who knows what this guy would have said to you if you looked at him earlier. Maybe he was doing it to be a jerk. Maybe he actually thought saying "hey" was harmless (oblivious to how embarrassed it made you). Unfortunately, there are guys who will do things like that for either reason. I'm sorry you had that awkward encounter.