Why do his friends feel the need to call me names, make fun of me being suicidal and other horrible things?

I've been with this boy for almost 5 years and we have a complicated relationship but we both love each other very much. It's a known fact among my friends I suffer from extreme depression and I've attempting suicide about 4 times. Well about a year ago I started talking to the guy I'm with friends and I thought we where cool. They all said they where my friends but after awhile some just started being mean because sometimes I'd have problems with my boyfriend. Well about 4 months ago one of the friends got n2 an argument with my best friend about something and he decided to bring me n2 it on Facebook and tell everyone how I've tried killing myself and saying I'm trying to over a boy who doesn't even love me (my bf) and everyone of my friends all seemed to not defend me about it. Only the friend of mine he was angry at, even one of the friends who u thought was really close to me didn't and told me it wasn't a big deal to ignore it. And recently I posted about me being a year of cutting free and a lot of the so called friends I had criticized me for saying that and me mentioning that my brother is finally going to prison for molesting me when I was younger. A lot of them keep referring to me as an insignificant girl and it's so annoying because I thought these people where my friends and even if they aren't the ones saying things y am I not being defended or y do they keep laughing at what people say about me? And then when I cut because of this I get yelled at and called insane... I don't understand and I just want them to like me


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  • Wow... why are kids so immature. Step 1; Tell them how you feel Step 2: curse them and call them out ( and point out times you were angry at them and their mistakes which you could have could have rubbed this in their face, BUT honey, DON'T ACTUALLY RUB IT IN THEIR FACE, just tell them how they're not perfect and show them you were there for them and they're not empathic towards you as a friend back...) Step 3: Block them off, cut them off and out of your life. Never look back, forget them and move on. Pick yourslf up, your tiara is falling. Good luck, hope this helped x

    • What hurts is they r the guy I'm n love with best friends and they treat me so badly. And the ones who don't actually say anything still laugha nd don't defend me at all... and when I tell them they seem to get mad at me. It hurts because it seems like I can't even post about anything or say certain things on my friends post or I get mean stuff said to me. It's none for their business if I post on someone's post a lot yet they seem to think it is and it hurts because it's like I can't say anything at all anymore. And they said thing is even after they say things I've never said anything bad about them and it hurts stuff I've trusted them with like the suicide attempt has been used against me and they told everyone

  • No offense but you sound like a damn mess. :/ To make matters worse, instead of dealing with your serious, deep issues in private, you put them on display for public consumption. There is no reason at all you need to announce to Facebook that you’ve stopped slicing your skin open out of frustration for over a year. That makes you sound extremely unstable and almost as if you’re addicted to making yourself bleed. The truth is that females like you tend to become leech-like over time. You may not intend to, but the constant revolving door of drama gets old and very annoying. You can’t trust just anyone with that info; there are some people who WILL use it as ammunition as you have seen. Your friends sound like they’re over you constantly being depressed and bringing a ton of self-drama to the table of their friendship.

    • One I've only mentioned the cutting once on Facebook on self harness awareness day. I'm an advocate at schools now for self harm and how to stop it so I try talking to kids about it now, and I ppst that n support of not cutting so kids can see u get better. And let me think I'd talk about my drama to my friends I've only again talked about the cutting once and my friend asked about my brother so I answered. I have a right to say what I want on social media, unlike what u somehow thibk I don't want attention that's stupid to even think. And if they r over the fact I used to hurt myself then leave they didn't have to say crap about me when I didn't do anything to them and that's horrible u even think it's my fault because I bring drama to a friendship screw that friends r supposed to help each other. I don't treat them bad when they whine about cheating on their girlfriend and they get left and called crap

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    • But miss I've stopped cutting and being suicidal since I've met there friend. And as I said before I didn't go to them about my problems they asked me to go to them and tell them what was wrong. I had no intentions of telling them about the cutting until they asked me. And I haven't been associated with that anymore besides the group work I do for schools to try to help kids who went through what I did

    • Lets be honest: were they ever really, truly YOUR friends or were they your boyfriend’s friends?

      They don’t like you; you’re going to have to get over that. Stop fighting it and begging them to like you and accept you because that probably makes you seem even more annoying and you need to have some pride in yourself. Don’t go asking people to be your friend if they’ve made it clear that they are not your friend and they do not wish to be your friend. You sound like you care way too much what people think of you. You act like it’s the end of the world because they don’t want to be friends with you. You are very emotional :/

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