If you had 6 wishes what would you wish for?

You get 6 wishes only. You're not aloud to wish for more wishes or wish that you could wish for more wishes. What would your 6 wishes be?


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  • Money, love, looks, happiness, more energy, and the ability to heal people.


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  • I wish I:
    (1) have a grand piano, preferably Bosendorfer;
    (2) could sight read fast yet accurate;
    (3) would not be betrayed by someone dear to me;
    (4) for world peace;
    (5) have a job, and;
    (6) could teleport anywhere

  • 1. That for the rest of my life, I would always have the exact amount of money I needed to pay for whatever I was buying or doing in my wallet.
    2. That religion no longer existed and instead everyone just believed in a moral / ethical code rooted in harm reduction and maximizing good.
    3. That all my favourite foods were healthy.
    4. For a wand that I could use to just cut, colour or style my hair however I like it at any time regardless of what length or colour it was before.
    5. To never be sick again and just sort of die peacefully when I'm 90 something or whatever the average age for death will be for my generation.
    6. Not to be able to tell the future, but to have a very keen intuition that allows me to confidently and effectively judge whether a decision is good or bad before making it.

  • In no particular order:
    1.) For the moral state of the world to get better.
    2.) For everyone to know how much God loves them (wont make sense to the majority of people reading this but its what I believe and what I would wish for)
    3.) To love myself.
    4.) To live a life that would make my God proud/generally be the best person I can be (again deals with my beliefs)
    5.) To be asexual and aromantic.
    6.) The world to be more open minded

    • I am with you at Number 2 ๐Ÿ˜Š

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    • @Waffles731 I hope you win your battle against depression by the way :)

    • I hope so too, but honestly, I'm giving it 50/50

  • Fame, fortune, marry my man, get a 3 picture deal with a major film company, never gain weight, and remain my age forever.

  • -That everytime I went shopping for something, I'd have the exact amount of money I needed in my pocket (cash or check) for tiny stuff such as food to large stuff such as a car
    -That my boyfriend and I could get alone time easier
    -My father to die
    -My brothers to grow up NOT hating me and with a good life
    -To write better than I already do, with a higher possibility of becoming a best selling author
    -To possibly have my books turned into movies

    • Your father to die? That's too merciless

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    • Such immense hatred, but I understand. This must be hard on you so I'm sorry for bringing this up ๐Ÿ˜ž

    • @Cccgala Nah it's completely fine. Don't worry bout it

  • 1) an infinite bank account;
    2) for my loved ones to always be safe;
    3) perfect health;
    4) to be free of debt and anxiety;
    5) the ability to draw;

  • 6 wishes is a whole lot lol but if I had to chose my only wish would be for the world to live in peace, love, harmony, acceptance, happiness and understanding. And if that can exist between 2 people than that's the whole world for me.

  • Mo money๐Ÿ˜‚
    Mo money๐Ÿ˜‚
    Mo money๐Ÿ˜‚
    I need three more! Stay tuned.

  • 1. To be more confident.
    2. To be debt free.
    3. Go back 7 years and not be so generous.
    4. To have no fear.
    5. To be free of anxiety
    But biggest wish...
    6. Go back 5 weeks ago and not answer his question via text but ring him instead.


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  • -To have one question Answered by the Universe.
    -That my Friends and Family would get the same (as long as they didn't mess with mine)
    -To be 18 again with the woman I love (with the knowledge I currently have)
    -To have one different superpower, of my choosing, every year for 10 years.
    -To have a job I really like and can do.
    -And a "FULLY" Functioning Tardis images.amcnetworks.com/.../..._tardis__x-large.jpg

  • What about, "I wish I had the power to grant wishes including my own"?

    Other than that, I'd wish for:
    1) The next PowerBall ticket I buy to be the winning one
    2) To know if my crush likes me back 100%

    Well, that's money and love... depending on what my crush thinks.
    So, I guess after that
    3) The power to use any super power I could think of (or some device I wear to make this possible)... I'd get invisibility, super strength, ability to fly, ability to travel through time and stop time, etc.

    4) If my crush didn't like me back, I'd wish that I find and start dating my future wife in the next month

    5) Wish that I am partners with above mentioned girl for the rest of my life

    I dunno what else. Maybe some specificity of a wish above since genies are fucking tricky.

  • 1) A long and happy healthy life for my daughter and the grandbabies some day
    2) Feed a country that needs it indefinitely.
    3) Enough coin to travel and own a cottage with my SO.
    4) Retire
    5) Live to the ripe old age of 90.
    6) Cure Aids and Cancer

  • 1) 10 billion dollars in my bank account
    2) never age
    3) unfailing health
    4) several hot busty babes in my bed every night
    5) ?
    6) ?

  • 1. World peace.
    2. always having enough money in my bank account for ANYTHING I want or need and to always have a debit card on my person.
    3. To fall in love and get married
    4. Stay happily married for all eternity.
    5. For @blonde401 to feel better
    6. I want proof that ghosts exist, I know they do as I have had encounters but I want to prove to the world they exist

  • 1. Make the NBA
    2. Have Karlie Kloss
    3. Save all the giraffes
    4. Do well on my final
    5. The therapy I get helps
    6. Become stronger

    • Yes, the Rothschild giraffe, which is a type of breed is endangered. There is only a few hundred Rothschild giraffe left in the wild. The zoo I volunteer at is involved in a big breeding programme to save them.

    • You are the best.

    • Thank you. We have baby giraffe pretty much every year.

  • Unlimited money, unlimited hookers (or free sex), unlimited youth and lifespan, a Lamborghini (but I could buy that with the money), a personal chef, and a personal house maid because I'm dirty as fuck...

  • 1. endless amount of money
    2. reasonable health based on my age till i die
    3. constant luck.
    4. admired & respected by all
    5. super smarts
    6. ability of telepathy

  • 1) healthy and happiness for my mother and family (NOTE FAMILY 1st)

    2) for me to pass the LSAT so I can get to law school

    3) for someone to actually love me for me, and just make me smile

    4) to live in the same economic lifestyle I am living now

    5) for people to stop bullying me

    6) *most important* for the bullshit elections to stop.

  • 1.) To be able to read books incredibly quick with 100% comprehension
    2.) To read minds
    3.) To show the world that morality is a synthetic set of ideals that implicates guilt unnecessarily especially through devine mythologies
    4.) To change the education system
    5.) A life time personal chef
    6.) $5 billion

  • 1. No fear or anxiety.
    2. A better life for my cousin.
    3. For my little brother to live life free of worry.
    4. A large amount of money used to help both my family and others in time of need/spread postivity.
    5. To live a happy life.
    6. To spread wisdom and knowledge to others.

  • 1.) There's this kinda dorky but amazing Polish woman and her 2 sons. I'd give anything, everything, to be part of their hearts some day.
    2.) To keep them safe and happy.
    3.) To dance with her in the bars of Havana.
    4.) A pet giraffe.
    5.) To never have to bury my grandmother.
    6.) Did I mention that dorky chick?

  • I want a drawing board which will make everything come true I write on it.

    didn't wish for more wishes but I get the same

  • 1. Immunity to any diseases
    2. Survival skills
    3. Martial arts skills
    4. Green thumb
    5. Craftmanship skills
    6. Zombie apocalypse. Oh yeah!