Why do people want to go to 'prestigious' Universities to feel bad about themselves?

I really mean this very honestly.

I remember being admitted to this 'prestigious' University and I was so miserable there.

The workload was twice as much (literally) as the previous program I was in, yet the jobs weren't really 'better.' The people were snooty, the school only cared about the really smart students, and it was a toxic environment to be in.

Why do people even want to go to these things? I just don't get it.


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  • Those kinds of universities are so overrated. I'm at a university right now studying medicine, it's not Yale or Harvard, but it's not some hole in the wall either. I'd say it's better than average and you know what? I'm going to be thrilled when I walk out of there with my M. D.

    • Agreed.

      It's like... there are people from that program who graduated who are working at marketing firms that I've never even heard of, and there are people at shit universities that you need 70s to get into who are working in accounting firms it's CRAZY

    • Exactly. Just get your degree and you'll be fine. It's just as valuable

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  • The prestige of graduating from the University that is prestigious is an enormous. Sure the workload was twice as much that's because very smart people go there and you can get into a great graduate program if you do well. And yes the University cares only about the smart students because they are producing tomorrow's leaders in science, medicine, politics etc. as far as the jobs not being better, did you graduate that prestigious university? If you did the jobs are far better. Try getting a high paying job at Apple or Oracle or DuPont or research grant from NIH if you didn't graduate a prestigious place. I disagree entirely with you and I e can back my assertions up

    • Did you actually go to University?

      By the way, this University had a business program which I am referring to and I assure you contributes absolutely NOTHING to the world except making rich corporations richer.

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    • Your last sentence just answered your own question

    • It actually doesn't. If two students can go to different programs where one is twice as much of work than the other and get the exact same job I have no idea why they would choose the one with more work.

      The only real reason I can think of is that they get a tag to say they went to 'x' prestigious school.

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  • Well they buy into the notion of better human being = positively correlated to socio-economic power. Or at least, that's the primary goal and function of life. Therefore, any 'costs' are deemed to be worth it.

    • You know something that I find really really scary?

      Education was supposed to be about empowerment. And getting rid of the world's crimes, giving people a 'better' life etc.

      We've reached an age where education has now almost become a bad thing because it's used to sort people as 'better' than x, y, z person.

      Are all the other kids who are clever without being geniuses not paying an insane amoutn of tuition to the school? Of course they are. Then why the second-hand treatment.

      I never thought I'd say this, but what's the point of education if people's thought process can be so flawed

    • See the link on my profile:


      Also, the modern education essentially kills education. Because education is only used as a means of utility, and storing knowledge for the purposes mentioned. It's a sad world we live in.

  • Because people like to think they're gods gift to the planet.

  • Is it not that you can get a better job as your degree is worth more. Provided you took a real degree and got good marks.

  • I doubt they want to go there to feel bad. They probably want to go there because, you know, it's prestigious.

    • I get that. But the problem with prestigious schools is that they are very different on the inside than they are on the outside.

      That 'tag' of going ot x school comes at a HUGE cost.

  • We are not all you.


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  • I think your values don't align with the values of student/professors that believe high academic "intelligence" equals high status.
    People sacrifice a lot for status.

    • Ha ha yeah I don't get it.

      I think it's because in my culture people treat those with status so well to the extent where that person could literally be yelling their head off at someone and they'll be considered to be 'in the right.'

      See the thing is if you actually truly believe that someone who is smart=a better human being, you are in so much trouble, because there is always someone who will be smarter than you and it's like you're saying it's okay for that person to treat you badly because they're smarter.

      Hence those who value status a lot, they get burnt one way or the other.

  • I went to a quite a "prestigious" uni, mainly because of location, it's right near me so it cut out the hassle of moving and finding accommodation, and I loved it there.
    I often find myself wishing I could go back to uni. I'll always think of it as one of the best times of my life.