Is it okay? what do you think?

is it okay for a 13-14 year old to talk to people quite older than her, online? They're nice people and some are guys too, i've known them for 2 or3 years. They're like one of them is 19 one is 22 and that age group. Just friends nothing else. They kinda you know like respect my age, no vulgar stuff so is it then okay? I've heard a lot of people freaking out about younger girls talking to older people so whats ur opinion?


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  • I don't care who talks to who. I don't care if the messages get flirty. Issues only arise when girls that young send sexy pics or more over chat, or when guys that much older (meaning, adult) ask for those kinds of pics.
    Beyond that, she can talk to whoever she wants, in my mind.

    • Sexy pics? Haha I don't even send my face pics

    • actually... lol, a lot of girls will send sexy pics with their face cut out, so if it is ever leaked, there isn't proof it is them.
      but I know that isn't what you meant.

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  • It's questionable, the question is why do you want to talk to them?

    It's usually easier to talk to people in your own age bracket since there's some middle ground

    • I NEVER get along fine with people my age. I just dont get how immature they act.

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    • Um well it was a games website, I was an assistant there.

    • that's the kind of story you don't hear every day. DooMguy is intrigued, tell me more?

  • It's ok, as long as they don't try to flirt with you and stuff, because they may be paedophiles.

  • I think it's a slippery slope. Many adults cannot anticipate some of the dangers other adults can cause, therefore I feel that most minors may not be able to do so either.


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