Were your parents supportive of your studies when you were in University?

Mine never were.

I wonder if that affected how much I was able to study.

University is NOT easy. No matter how brilliant you are it takes a toll on you and if on top of that you have people like that to deal with I can only imagine some area of your studying would suffer.


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  • No and it's tough. My dad never went to college and it's almost insultive when he recommended I go to trade school. My dad doesn't think I'm university material. Transferring to university in the fall going into my 3rd year as a mechanical engineering student. When I first started my parents doubts really made me second guess and question my self. Kids parents who send them off to university with a full ride after high school really don't realize how lucky they are.

  • They're not interested in my education in general, and I don't want them involved anyway.

    That said, I can understand why a lot of parents might be upset with their child over their area of study. It's not uncommon to see a student go for a worthless artsy degree and bury themselves under 200k in debt.

    • I go into one of the best business schools in the country TWICE (once as a transfer, once out of high school).
      My dad said, and I quote, "Investment banking and all that.. I don't think it's for her," resulting in one of my siblings commenting, "you think she can't do it."

      The second time I got in he said, 'Business... are you sure?"

      Then afterwards he said, "You know you could go to college (which is not University).

      My parents... some fo teh stuff they have done... I swear to God

  • No, my mom was out of my life by the time I wad 18, and I never knew my dad. When I went to school I lived on my own, went to school full time and had a full time job otherwise I wouldn't be able to afford rent, much less food.

    • This is really great that you were able to do school and a job and I'm assuming cook by yourself.

      They would pay for a lot of my expenses, including tuition etc. I can only imagine how hard it must be to balance the workload of University in addition to the financial part of it.

      It goes back to my point University is NOT an easy phase of someone's life. It's portrayed to be fun and all in the movies but it really was a nightmare for me

    • Well, prior to that I went from the Army to jail to homeless to rehab, so considering all and all, it wasn't so bad.

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