What is a realistic rent in Gothenburg or similar city in Sweden?

when I want to rent a studio apartment (one room contains kitchen+livingroom; separate bathroom).
Where do prices start from (that are no scam)?

what about student hostels?


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  • I would guess somewhere around 5000-8000 kr in Stockholm. In other cities I have no idea... About student hostels, they must have a lower rent cost. In any case, I would recommend you to find someone to live with and split the rent. And if you travel by train or bus buy a monthly ticket rather than oneway tickets or pay with your credit card each time. That can double the price! Pretty logic aswell, u would figure it out anw... Good luck and welcome to this rainy country! :P

    • I kinda expected more actually :) if that's price for a private studio accommodation, it's not even that bad. Still not the price of a kilo bread.
      I really wanna have my privacy if I move out. Thanks !

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    • thanks dude :)

    • Glad to help out :)

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  • Sweden can be expensive , mate. Anyone from Sweden with details?