Would you think a girl is dumb if she did this?

I transferred Universities and when I went to my new school (which was pretty hard to get into), I seriously just hated it.

I think a large part of the reason is because my 'sister' had graduated from there and it became less about me going to that school to achieve something and more about me having to go to that school to prove something to my parents.

Anyways, when I was there I wouldn't stop talking about my old school, and I sometimes felt people thought it was annoying. For example, this one girl was like, "Is it the people or?" in a sort of condescending way. I said no it's the program and she was like, yeah I know one of my relatives went there.

I now wonder if they thought I was silly for constantly comparing my old school to the new one even though the new one was technically 'better'.

I think I hated that school so much because it was always like saying that my relative was 'better' than me just because she went there, which she wasn't.


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  • not dumb, she just made a bad choice for herself in life. shit happens.

    • What do you mean she made a bad choice for herself? Sorta like she didn't take the right approach in coming here?

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    • I didn't tell them my sister went to that school, I think I realized on some level it's not a good idea.

      So they probably just thought I was really weird where I transferred and just decided to full-on HATE the school with all my heart lol

      Actually I ended up withdrawing from the program and I didn't see it back then but it was a good choice. I was a better student at my Home University and that was what was truly important,

    • hey as long as it all worked out in the end that matters most. I'm glad you found where you want to be at.

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  • You are putting competition ahead of your desires. It was going to happen sooner or later because you went out of your way to prove yourself better than someone you are already better than.

    • Aww.


      I never realized it but it is true that I did go out of my way to prove I was better than someone you were already better than. It's crazy.

    • Lol yeah. So what will you do about it.

  • in the real world, nobody gives a shit where you went to school. It only matters when you're a student.

    Occasionally in my career, I encounter people that went to places like Cornell and think that's something to be proud of. it's what people do when they haven't accomplished anything professionally, and it's mostly just pathetic.

  • Nahhh I wouldn't.

  • I hate to be in your mind getting upset over something so little is beyond pathetic.

    • Uh... what exactly do you term 'so little?'

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