Why is blueberry granola cereal so hard to find?

the only grocery store that sells it near me is wegmans and it's really out of the way.


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  • Why don't you just buy blue berries and granola and mix it?

    • It's not that simple, it wouldn't tast the same

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    • It's not hard to find at all. You go to like Win-Co or the organic food store and buy out of the bulk bins.

    • I don't know what win-co is and the organic food stores hear me don't have the right brands and like I said it's not as simple as buying all the ingredients and mixing it up.

  • I didn't even know they sold that? Is that what it's called? Sounds good.

    • blueberry granola cerial with flax
      Wegmans has a great store brand and if you go on Amazon you can get Kodak Cakes brand (my personal favorite) in microwaveable packs of 12. They also have Vermont maple pecon and French vanilla almond.

    • Very cool😊 thanks for this info. I've actually really been into granola lately so I will def check this out.

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  • It's their competitive advantage.