How many of you hold a nation/nations/other people responsible for your nation's and/or personal failures?

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  • Only losers do that. I don't consider myself a loser, so I won't blame other countries for my nation failures.
    My nation (Spain) had the Arabs come and take control of our land, and they kept control of them for centuries until the Arabs were defeated. Unlike other nations/group of people, I don't blame the Arabs for what they did, that's how it worked back in the day. More powerful nations wanted to extend their kingdom and that meant take control of other people's lands.
    If others came to your land to take what you have, you should fight against them, if you lose, then tough luck, you should have been better.

    I hate those who complain because their country/race/ethnicity/"group" failed, and blame their failure on others but themselves. If they wouldn't have sucked at keeping their land safe, they wouldn't have lost it.
    Obviously things are different today, but back in the day, it worked that way.


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  • I hold my nation responsible for its current state. Every American should feel ashamed for letting our country be taken over by oligarchs

    The elite preached about democracy, knowing that people could be convinced to vote against their own freedom and prosperity.

    We should be closing our borders, placing tariffs on foreign goods, giving tax breaks to American companies, and placing sanctions on libyan and Iraqi Oil that is funding terrorist groups.

    For myself, I am only to blame for my current situation, my mother and father raised me as best they could, and sacrificed much for me to exist today, as far as the rest of society, if I blame them, I won't solve the problems plaguing my life.

    Self-sovereignty+ national-sovereignty =Prosperous society

  • It's 50/50. There are groups we know of who want to destroy our nations with cultural Marxism, of course they're partly responsible. But also so are the people here who allow this to happen yet do nothing hut bury their heads in the sand.

  • I know I do. All day long.


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