Is sudocrem good to use on spots? I've heard it works well?

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  • I used to use it because I read that it's what Cheryl Cole used haha. I found it very heavy and uncomfortable to wear though.

    I'd recommend Freederm products instead, although they're a little expensive; I recently found them after trying a bunch of different things throughout my teens and they're currently faves for me, especially the daily complex. Their rapid action gel is good too, and I'd advise using that over benzoyl peroxide because benzoyl peroxide is too harsh and drying.

    Also it's best to use oil free moisturisers, I like the ones Neutrogena do.

    For face wash you should use washes instead of scrubs in my opinion, if you're going to use scrubs only do so once a week. Boots' own brand berry jelly, and their charcoal wash are good :) . So is their witch hazel concealer.

    All these are helpful products but ultimately spots are caused by your hormones. What's helping me the most is I started taking birth control, so if you can I think it's a good idea to talk to your doctor about that as a possibility

  • Never heard of it