Give your honest opinion about my father's behaviour?

My father is in his mid 50s. He expects me and my brothers who are adults to cook and clean for him and basically to wait on him hand and foot. Whenever there is interpersonal conflict, he almost always threatens to harm us in some way. Further, he runs away from problems instead of trying to solve them. He is deeply religious and belongs to - what I will say - a cult. He gets angry when he hears coarse language, even on television. He looks down on those who are not church going people and mocks the current world. For example, he saw a soap opera and he claimed that they were always discussing relationships = he said this in a derogatory tone. He attends this church service regularly and all the people there are harsh, cold, judgmental, and seem to me to be retreating into their own little religious delusion. Now, i ask you, what do you think of his behaviour? Do you find it helpful? Harmful?


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  • I would never treat my children that way. But... if you dont like it... why are you still living with him?

    • I didn't say I was still living with him...

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    • Then stay away from him. I would.

    • yeah, it is hard though. You feel for him but you're right, gotta move on :)

  • Seems like you're dad thinks he lives in 1930. Move out of the house as soon as you have the means too. I'm curious how he'd get around if you and your brothers moved out.


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