Depressed, anxious and lost in life. Thoughts?

I am posting this because lately I've been feeling kind of stuck.

Over the summer ( I went to a camp for anxiety. I had a fairly good time when I was there. I got along OK with people-though, in retrospect I wish I had been a little less combative. I would get into arguments with people, and oftentimes I think about what I could have done differently.

I am home from camp now, but I have social anxiety and find it incredibly difficult to meet people.

This alone is troubling, but in addition to all of that I also have digestive issues and emetophobia-i spend many days feeling sick and worrying about getting sick. If i were just spending days by myself at home, that wouldn't be so bad-but spending days by myself at home and dealing with this sort of discomfort makes it worse.

I am attempting a new diet for the digestion troubles, but even if that works, I'll still have the social anxiety.

I do have depression, but have never contemplated suicide. As of now, I am hesitant to try drugs.

I'm asking this question because I know there are people on here that deal with similar issues. My question to you is how you got through it-what helped, what didn't.

In the past I've been resistant to outside help. But given all the issues I'm facing I figure it could not hurt.

Sorry if this question was an incoherent mess. Wanted to make sure I included all the important details.

A couple other things to note:
My parents have put restrictions in place. I have to do some stuff outside the house in order to get media.

I try to be optomistic. I know there are people who deal with more difficult circumstances.

I have a couple friends, but one is long distant and the other is away at college.

Emetophobia is the fear of getting sick-more specifically vomiting.


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  • You've got to free yourself from the physical world. To be at peace.
    You've got to find some sort of an escape.
    I feel all that you've described. I've even.. seld harmed myself. Want.. Wanted to die even. And it still happens sometimes.. Everything 's so black and so unfair.
    But then I think that this will make for a good story. I'll be just an excellent character... I don't think of myself as a person anymore but rather as a character in a story. That way I feel less pain. Because I know it's not mine.

    • I agree with the escape part. I'm sorry to hear that you have harmed yourself.

      I can't say I've ever wanted to die-I've definitely thought about death before, but not as a solution. I don't want to die-I want a better life. That's easy to say-persuing it is far more difficult.

      Ultimately I hope everyone-you, me, and anyone else who suffers can find a way to fix their life. Because life is everything.

      The story character you described is interesting, but I hope I can find some way to be happy being myself. I hope you can as well.

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  • "I try to be optomistic. I know there are people who deal with more difficult circumstances."

    Stop this. ^ This is not optimism. This is a form of poisonous pessimism.
    Optimism is being grateful for what you have because you have it.
    This is just being grateful for what you have because you know others don't.
    They are not the same.

    • Those were two separate statements. I'm not optimistic because other people deal with worse, I'm optimistic because I think i'll get through this and be happy. I was just commenting that other people do deal with worse things.

    • I apologize.

    • Np, thanks for the input

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  • Tbh, NOTHING will change without FORCED action and effort.
    Fears just GROW in size when delayed and ignored.

    I say this having had a complete mental breakdown for just over
    two years while battling three different addictions.


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  • I know people hate on me for saying this but lifting would literally would solve most of your issues.

    • I don't hate on you for saying that, exercise has positive effects on the body both mentally and physically. Plus, it increases self confidence.

    • At 19 I was just getting out of the Marines. I lied about some petty little things to get in and I ended up getting caught and discharged. Was really depressed for a while because all I wanted to do before that was to be a Marine.. I told everyone that and I didn't know anything else. I went through the hardest parts of training and never got to deploy with my best friend. That's when I took up bodybuilding and it really gave me my confidence back and got me in the right gear. Hope it works it works out man.

    • Thanks, me too

  • Need a cuddle, m8? I'll give you one.