Does anyone else wish it was more common to tell someone you don't enjoy his/her company?

If you become friends with person A, and he has a close friend person B, and you don't like B... why can't we just say "hey man, you're okay when we're in a group, but I don't care to talk to you alone"

I have this situation at school. I like everyone in the group for the most part but one person (of course by my luck we take the same bus) annoys me to know end. I want to tell him he annoys me one on one. I want to tell him whatever he says goes out the other ear.

Do you have someone like this?
Do you wish people could accept that they're not loved by everyone.

I wish people would admit what they don't like about me.


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  • I’ve done that before and it just made things really awkward. There was this girl that I didn’t like because she was a freeloader and was ALWAYS trying to get someone in the group to pay her way. One time, she, my good friend, my good friend’s dad, and I all went out to dinner and the girl kept trying to hint that she wanted Rosie’s dad to pay for her meal. There had been another time I wasn’t there where Rosie said she intentionally got up when the check came. There was another time we went to a hooka bar and the girl was hinting towards me that she wanted me to pay for her hooka. She’ll try to be charming and get someone else to pay. It’s really tacky. Not only that but she just comes off as really inauthentic and will be like “girrrrl” in a really overexaggerated voice.

    When I was honest and said that I just really didn’t like her all that much, it made things awkward and now I just don’t hang out with them as much or like never.


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  • I've actually done this with someone and it's a wonderful feeling.

    Honestly, you shouldn't feel obligated to be friends with someone if you just don't like them and your other friends don't like them. I put up with this guy for a decade of my life and didn't stop talking to him because of all sorts of stupid justifications and reasons I said to myself, until we all eventually told the guy to fuck off.

    Ever since then I've realised there's absolutely no reason for an adult human (well, an adult male, at least) to keep company that pisses them off.

  • It would be nice if people were forthright about things, yes.

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