Should I lie to help my friend get a job?

So a while back my friend asked me what jobs I was applying for. I told her and she said she would apply for the same one. I have no issue with this. We are both qualified for the position from past experience. In fact I helped her get the previous job along side me when they were looking for extra help.
My issue is that she doesn't like the organization and has posted crap about it on her social media accounts. I actually like the organization and speak highly of it. However, she recently told me she listed me as a reference and said I was her supervisor. She also changed her previous title to a level higher then it actually was. What makes matters worse is that I submitted my resume and I told the truth about my previous position. If called by an HR rep I feel I have no choice but to decline answering any questions in regards to her. I'm feeling conflicted.

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Most Helpful Girl

  • If your reputation is important to you don't lie. Call your friend and tell her you can't do this and that she better call them and say she listed the wrong name accidentally.

    • It is and that's a good suggestion. I'll tell her that I submitted my information and that the inconsistencies with her resume won't match mine and I can't lie about that. I don't know why she would lie about something such as this and drag me into it...

    • Good luck. I think you have a great solution.

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  • Don't lie. This is your reputation at this company. When more so then if they find out who looks bad?
    If she hates this company why does she want to work there? This too will surface & again reflect poorly on you.

    • That's what I was thinking. She always uses me as a reference and I've had no problem with it in the past. However, I did express displeasure with her being interested in this position and called her out on the things she posted. She said it doesn't matter because money is money.

What Girls Said 1

  • Honestly I wouldn't lie, solely because it could get back to you.

    • I figured just as much. It would be painfully obvious someone is lying if the same person (which is more then likely) reviewing the applications sees the inconsistencies in the resumes.