Why is driving so damn difficult for me?

I have taken COUNTLESS lessons, spent too much money trying to learn.
I don't have access to a car all the time to practice with somebody either, so lessons are really the only way.

I've taken the test 3 times now and failed. Always for very small reasons, though.
I can drive (use the wheel, turn right/left, go straight, etc) but I am not as confident as everyone else because I just don't have access to a car all the time to practice without booking lessons!
I always have to book a lesson WHEN I HAVE THE MONEY, just to drive a car.
By that time, I've already forgotten much of my lessons and have to start over.

I feel like I know most of the rules. But there always seems to be something new that comes up that I find myself questioning myself (can I turn here? Woah what do all those lines mean...).
Of course I've read the book, but who even remembers everything unless you've been driving for years I think.

My next test is coming up again and this is the last test I can do before my license expires and I need to start all over.
My biggest problem seems to be going in REVERSE. I seem to not know how much to turn the wheel exactly when I need to (ex: back stall parking and I need to turn left a bit to get into the stall.. I never know how much I need to turn the wheel exactly.. it seems everyone else does this so naturally). My brain somehow just doesn't wrap around reverse parking or going in reverse in general (for example: my instructor sometimes tells me to put the car in REVERSE and go a bit to the right, so I do and I think I have gone enough but he says I need to go MUCH more in order to be right at the curb.. I can never tell how much is enough.. if that makes sense). To make it harder, I find it's very difficult to see EXACTLY where you are going when parking in reverse or going in reverse since you can never actually see the butt of your car, and side mirrors aren't that helpful in my opinion.

Am I overthinking this... lol


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