Will I get fired?

So I agreed to do a shift tomorrow at 6 am. They asked me at the end of my current job shift when I was exhausted and thus didn't think straight. I highly regret agreeing to it now and honestly am feeling fury and resentment because I feel like I was swindled because I feel they waited to ask and pressure me to take on this shift when I wouldn't be thinking straight. It's in like 5 hours and I can't sleep and am having a panic attack over it. If I go to sleep now I'll sleep right through my alarm clock. I'm still relatively new and am in training so I find it amazing that they are asking me to do this. The shift is at a different store location.

It's a fast food job by the way. Since it happens so early there's really no way for me to call anyone at this point and say I can't make it. What should I do? I am so furious that I think I'll just get in trouble if I actually show up because I don't think I'll be able to keep my rage at feeling this cheated in check. But I don't want to lose my job for not showing up to a shift that I wasn't even fucking originally scheduled for.


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  • its fast food... you'll be alright.

  • Think of it as extra money. Drink a ton of red bull and coffee, do some pushups, splash cold water on your face, practice breathing exercises and you'll be fine.

    • Yeah but I also have other obligations in the day. I won't be able to get through it all. Besides I don't drink red bull I like to be healthy.

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