What would be your reaction if you found me at a size of less than four inches tall?

Just watched Jack and the Giant Slayer (basically jack and the beanstalk). I always wondered growing up about that story and what would be at the top of a beanstalk. I think it be kinda cool to adventure up into a new gigantic world. Just hope giants would be friendly. So, what the heck, if I climbed that stalk and you were the giant I ran into, what would you do? 😅

What fairytale would you want to experience if it could become a reality?
I'm kinda feeling like I'd be a bug (pest) to people in this situation 🐌🐛🐜🐝🐞🔎


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  • I would squish you under my feet.

    Rip. Lol

    • Well, that would end quickly 😔

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    • Yeah I can easily hide in your pocket or under your hat but once you see me I'll be under your foot:-(

    • Small form factor is helpful!. I just realised.

      Will you be my 007 agent?

      I want you to be my spy, as people will not be able to see you easily.

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