Why is it that people tend to ignore people?

Why is it that people that dont even know you rather ignore you than give you the benefit of the doubt? wouldn't you feel crappy if someone does it to you?

Nobody have the obligation to say hi or talk to someone, but i would prefer to get a "i am not interested" at least..

Anyway.. thanks to the people who was actually nice and cool to me! thanks for the fun guys and girls! see ya!!


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  • Do you know how hard it is to trust anyone these days? People ignore people because certain idiots, that exist today, make it harder for everyone to accept others. I might say hi to somebody, but I'm going to make sure i can reach for a weapon if I have to.

    • i get you.. it's just here... i chat to interact.. talk.. ask questions.. and i approach nicely, yet i get ignored. like not even a "leave me alone please", i rather that but to just ignore someone, its awful. anyway.. maybe i am more emotional than others about this lol

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    • No. But I work in retail so I'm used to people being dicks and ignoring me when I say "hi, how are you? " they're always rude, so I let it go and don't let it get the best of my day. I would much rather have people be nice and talk, but if people want to be dicks than that's their problem.

    • thank you for your opinion :),

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