I feel like guys lose interest in me because I'm not some loud, bubbly, fun, social party girl... And I'm just super introverted & quiet. Am I right?

Meh I don't like complaining or hating on myself, but I guess I just feel down on myself today. I am 21 and I have had only one relationship of 4 months, and other than that just short flings or interests. I feel like I catch guys eyes with ease because I am an attractive female, I will give that to myself (or my genes I guess). I have mixed ethnicity and people tell me I have "that look" and really I do have guys asking me out weekly. Catching their eyes isn't a problem... But I feel like once they find out I'm reserved, quiet, introverted, studious, only have one friend, etc... Then they are turned off. I mean, I get it. Why would they be interested in me if I don't have much to offer by being quiet when they're trying to get to know me? It's not as if I am completely closed off, but I do realize I am quieter than the norm. And honestly I really hate speaking. But also, I look at girls around me and I feel separate or like I can't attract men the way they do. I've never been drunk. I don't wear skimpy clothes. I don't go to parties or clubs. I'm not sociable. I'm not happy go lucky. I think so much and I'm in my head so much that I say maybe 20% of what I think. Right now I just started seeing this guy, we are going slow and not yet exclusive, and I know this other girl he is talking to... Visually, I'm more attractive, hands down, I honestly don't even think it matters, because she is loud, bubbly, to me she'd be obnoxious but I'm sure to others she is fun, she goes out and parties, drinks, does things. I saw she went to some chocolate syrup party and it was crazy. I'm not like that... And I feel like guys think I'm boring. :(


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  • If you want to send me a message I'll talk to you for a bit if you want to be more specific about some stuff but if not that's fine too. Honestly, I don't think being social, bubbly or just going crazy at parties is what all guys want.

    Being a aggressive and more obvious about your feelings will likely give you more opportunities but all the other stuff is just unnecessary fluff in my opinion.

    If you think those other girls are a catch because of how they act then ill tell you that its probably not the fluff but rather that they aren't afraid to make an approach when they like someone.

    Personally as a guy yeah a girl that is flirtatious and fun or shows more sex appeal may be a bit more interesting but personally I would have a hard time trusting a girl that is too wild and crazy or maybe have doubts about anything serious happening.

    The most important thing isn't about always having fun rather I think that it's being able to talk about yourself and open up to someone you want to be with.

  • You are right.


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