What is your take?

Alright, I am sick of hearing about the Presidential race and celebrities and other things I will keep to myself, else run the risk going on a old man rant. So i decided to do a take about something new, something light. A two parter, yes you have to give two answers, I am going to make you work for it.

Firstly, if you could live in any TV
show world or movie, which would it be and why? Yes you can even list a video game world if movies aren't your thing or books.

Second, name one thing you would change about the quantum gravity theory. Ha! Just pulling your leg, if you could choose a job to be, what would you choose, you can even make up a job you wished they had, as long as its clean and friendly, nothing racy or offensive.
What is your take?
Yes i did just throw in a random picture i took of clouds, why? Because I am awesome like that. Seriously though, i did it because i am sleepy and i need to count clouds and felt like it.


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  • Eh to me as a not American watching millions of Americans fighting over who should lead them is kind of amusing...
    Game of thrones... Cliche but true I just want to be able to see what it would be like living in a magical world where fire breathing dragons exist...
    So who you voting for? Clinton? Trump? Ol' Berns?

    • Lol, lucky you, as for voting, i won't, because they all suck and even if i vote it won't matter because its rigged anyways, to be honest i dont think any of them will win, obama will probably end up still being the president, especially if russia is still planning on launching their electromagnetic pulse warhead to start world war three soon.

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    • Russians... I have nothing to say bout Russians except to stop fighting at the euros... Hey do you play any sports?

    • Yeah, the war with russia, im pretty sure its gonna be the US and Saudi Arabia and Turkey that starts it with russia and Libya and iran. Already waiting to start the invasion on Libya, technically they govt has to switch candidates but for the last 70 years or more our government has followed the rules and pulls all kinds of illegal things, i used to play soccer until my neck injury got to swvere and i used to occasionally play American football and baeball when i was a kid, what about you? Also Dragons used to exist, they actually found one in a ice cave in romania, was completely frozen and preserved, some skiers or someone accidentally ran across it.

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  • Star trek.

    Captain of the Enterprise

    • Awesoem, would you be Kirk or picaird or your own captain? Whod you choose as your COs and top men?

    • I would be picard. But with that latest ship of "number one" data would be there and of course deana troi and seven of nine.

      No. I want to be Q now i think of it! 😃

    • Lol, awesome choices

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