Should I not include him in my email?

Sending out a study group email.

There's this guy I *think* he believes I like him and lately he's been acting weird. Like giving me annoyed looks weird/not wanting to be in my group weird.

Anyways, if it has nothing to do with me I don't mind being friends with him.

However, I *am* looking for a study group and am wondering if he'll think I'm doing so just to like get close to him or something.

Which makes me wonder if I should leave out his address in the email I send out to everyone asking if they wanted to form a study group.


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  • Every one ;)

    • What do you mean? Email everyone?

      Wellll I kind of am maybe teeny tiny thinking of him lately and don't want him to be a distraction if he says yes (which I don't think he will).

      But if I don't and he finds out through his friends or something that would be super-weird.

    • It might but if he sees that you send it to a bunch of people... just do you thing and than care about him... 😃

  • hey hacker

    • ?

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    • Okay who are you seriously

    • im done with you bye

What Girls Said 1

  • Leave him out

    • Fuck I already sent it.

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    • If he's chatting with a friend or something and someone says oh yeah there was a study group and he realizes he didn't get the email it would be obvious I'm not really including him so oh well

    • I guess I just thought that since you were asking opinions about sending it out, you'd wait until you at least had some opinions before you sent it out.