What would you recommend someone to see if that person came to your country or city?

I always love travelling and seeing new interesting things. And if I don't travel I like to research it.

So what would recommend someone to see if that person came for vacation to your country or city? Maybe interesting buildings, nature or anything else. And what city or country is that?


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  • I haven't explored New York myself so I have got nothing interesting.
    We went to a quick tour of the statue and other stuff but it was so boring. I didn't see the fun in staring at buildings.

    As for my native country, I don't know the name of the places but they have so much greenery, and amazing food that may or may not be healthy, and so on. So much to experience

    • I should definitely visit New York. I love tall buildings... so Yeah!.
      I have been in Los Angeles. I felt right at home there.

  • My country? The Statue of Liberty, Time Square, The White House, The Smithsonian, The Lincoln Memorial. Pueblo ruins, Monument Valley, maybe Vegas if that's your thing. The beaches, whether east or west coast.

    My city? Dunno, I guess the star? We got a big metal star here. So if you like tacky, flourescent lit structures with a bunch of bored high school kids making out under it... yeah go see that. My town suuuuuucks lol

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