What is/are your favorite music genre (s) and artist (s)?

What are your favorite music genres and artists?
I love all sorts of heavier EDM.
My favorite artists being Noisia, Lektrique, Fox Stevenson, Haezer and Far too loud.
What about you?


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  • I'm very much into folk music. Stuff like Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, Norah Jones, Leonard Cohen, Cat Stevens, Simon and Garfunkel, Dixie Chicks etc.. I also like world music and folk music from different countries. For example I like the German folk musician Reinhard Mey a lot. He's a very big name in Germany, Switzerland and Austria (kinda like Bob Dylan in the US).
    My favorite type of music is just one or two people standing alone on a stage with an acoustic (classical) guitar and singing. This kind of simplistic set up forces you to excel both at your lyrics and your instrumental skills. I do like some bands too but the thing about certain bands and certain music styles is that they're actually really poor at what they're doing. One great example for this is AC/DC. They became incredibly famous and rich with their music but when you know a thing or two about music, you soon realize that they're actually really bad at it. AC/DC only know 3 different chords. Practically all their songs contain the same 3 chords and harmonies. When I pay money to buy a CD or visit a concert, I expect more than that. I play my guitar for leisure and I know about 10 chords, so a professional musician should at least be better than me.


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  • My favorite artists are Future, Snakehips, Jackson 5, Disclosure, Lorde and Arcric Monkeys, my favorite genre is Alternative and I like old music, more on the Motown smooth classics. And I also like classical music by Debussy, my favorite classical song is Claire de lune

  • Classic Rock, Folk Rock and Country
    The Eagles
    Tim McGraw
    Led Zeppelin
    Kenny Chesney
    Rolling Stones
    Jimmy Buffett
    Josh Turner


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  • I like many different genres and artists. For a while I've been into the Electro type of Hip-Hop from the 80's. 1984 was the best year in my opinion. I don't think I can select a favorite artist. Too many artists that only have a few songs rather than many albums.

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