Guys, What would you do if you found out your girlfriend hasn't been hanging with you because she's watching her niece... basically raising?

So say your are both in high school and your girlfriend is 16 and she really hasn't been messaging you or hanging out with you ands you didn't know why. Then one day you found out from someone that she's basically raising her niece what would you do? What would you say to her? Would you leave her?

And of you would leave her why?
... she's has messaged u a little but not a lot


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  • I wouldn't leave her because that's a very childish reason to leave somebody. I think it's really a huge weakness about our generation: young people can't work things out anymore. Most young people are so utterly indoctrinated by consumerism that they consider even people and relationships as consumer goods. You use it and when you don't like it anymore, you just throw it in the bin. I find that kind of attitude rather disgusting. There's many, many things that are better today than 50 years ago but one thing that used to be better back then was the fact that people cared more about their relationships. In our grandparents' generation, couples didn't just leave each other for bullshit like "oh, you didn't call me for some time, so my astronomically huge ego will forever be insulted and thus I must leave you". They would actually try to work things out.

    Having said this, I would certainly wonder what kept my girlfriend from messaging me. Just because you have to raise your niece doesn't mean you've got 30 seconds per day to write a text message.

    • ... she messages u a little but not a lot

    • Well then I would ask her to visit me (or if that doesn't work I'd visit her) so we can talk it out. Having not much time for your boyfriend/girlfriend is no problem. My girlfriend sometimes has to work a lot and doesn't have much time for me (and vice versa too, of course). However, what would bother me is the fact that - in your scenario - my girlfriend wouldn't have told me anything about it. Communication is extremely important in a relationship. It's what keeps long-term relationships functioning. My mom is a marriage counsellor and psychologist and I can tell you: In 95% of the cases where couples break up or divorce, it's because they haven't done a good job communicating. If your partner is important to you and you love him/her, it's a matter of respect to tell them about your life. For example I want my girlfriend to tell me when she goes to meet someone. It's not about me giving her permission (she can go whether I like it or not), it's about including me in her life and

    • showing me that I matter to her. And of course it's also so that I know where she is and I don't have to worry. In your question, it sounds like the girlfriend simply disappeared one day without ever saying anything and I would find that very rude. I would wonder what kept her from telling me "I'm sorry but in the few weeks/months, I won't have much time because of xy". Doesn't seem too hard to do.

  • Yes, but I'd do it nicely.